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When I found myself in need of guidance, I asked around for recommendations. I was not disappointed with the referrals I received pointing me to Barbara. She has twice now helped me navigate challenging situations and done so with great professionalism and expertise. I highly recommend her.

Excellent lawyer! I would highly recommend Julie Woodmansee. She is empathetic, professional, and well-connected. Knowledgeable and experienced, Julie worked diligently on my behalf, looking ahead and never missing details. Her office team is very organized, helpful, and friendly.

Julie was such a lifesaver for me during a difficult time of life transition that also included my divorce. She showed me compassion, and did not make me feel rushed, but was timely, organized, and made effort to understand my circumstances. 

Besides excellent knowledge of this area of law practice, Ms.Woodmansee has an excellent demeanor and understanding of her clients' cases. I have turned to her for advice about Domestic Relations issues with very good feedback. She has legal ethics beyond reproach.

Barbara is a very competent lawyer who has your best interest at heart.  She is very knowledgeable and professional, and will work hard on your behalf to make sure your case has the best outcome possible. 

Extremely dedicated. Truly listens to the important issues at stake so that the process does not become bigger than it needs to be. Very knowledgeable and professional.

Julie was professional, thoughtful, supportive, and most effective in handling my divorce - Julie clearly explained the whole process and guided me with great professionalism, care, and kindness into a journey, which otherwise would have been torturous. 

Professional and Sincere Approach to Family Matters - Julie helped me with my separation and provided guidance in a professional and sincere manner. She made a difficult situation as easy as possible for me and my family.

Julie Woodmansee was highly recommended by a friend at an acutely painful time in my life and long marriage.  I feel that the outcome was fair and to my greatest possible benefit, thanks to Julie. I am deeply grateful and deeply fond of Julie Woodmansee.

Barbara M. Szombatfalvy is an awesome attorney!  She was very patient, knowledgeable, and kind, and she listened to my every concern and then gave me sound advice al.  I would HIGHLY recommend Barbara as a capable and knowledgeable Family attorney. She did excellent work with our case!

Excellent Family Lawyer - I was referred to Julie by another lawyer and feel very satisfied with the work she did to settle my divorce. She was realistic and straightforward, even if it was not always what I wanted to hear.  It was refreshing to work with a lawyer who prioritized negotiation and was skillful at that process.

Best in the Biz - Barbara and Julie are total professionals and highly recommend them to anyone. They went above and beyond, were totally affordable, and met my every need. Thank you so much Barbara for making this a comfortable experience in such a difficult situation.

Highly Recommend Barbara - Barbara is fast, efficient, experienced, caring, and professional. She made sure I understood my options, she walked me through the thorny bits, she provided expert guidance along the way, and she did all of these with candor and kindness I very much appreciated.

I highly recommend - Barbara was wonderful throughout what could have been a very difficult time. I found her to be very knowledgeable, calming, and level-headed, and that was exactly what I needed. Everything went very smoothly. I highly recommend her.

Best decision I've ever made - Barbara not only provided the guidance and info needed for my best interests but was very transparent during our time working together.  Barbara gave me the ability to remove the emotion that went along with all of the details of the case. It allowed me to focus on myself and my well-being and gave me the peace of mind that I needed.

I had been separated for almost a year and had gotten nowhere with two different lawyers when I was handed Barbara Szombatfalvy's card a second time.  I highly recommend Barbara as an intelligent, perceptive, articulate, assertive, and courageous family lawyer.

Ms. Woodmansee is quite knowledgeable and very professional. She is also very fair and balanced in her opinions. She is a skilled negotiator and very honest in her feedback. I enjoyed working with Ms. Woodmansee and had full confidence in her abilities.

Highly recommended - I worked with Barbara during my separation and divorce. Throughout the process, she gave clear and timely advice. She provided straightforward answers to my concerns. I very much felt that she was my advocate, and have benefited from her guidance.

Barbara was thoughtful, caring, and very attentive. Her paralegal was outstanding and respectful in regard to any situation. I would recommend their services for any and everything because not only are they great at their jobs, they are great people.

While no one wants to go through a divorce, I feel very fortunate that I chose to work with Ms. Woodmansee. She has a calm, professional, and empathetic demeanor and she is very detail-oriented. I have great respect for her as a lawyer and I have no hesitation in recommending her.

Julie knows her profession, her role in clients' lives, and she knows the law.  Julie is clear, fair, responsive, articulate, and trustworthy. No need to look elsewhere for marriage/family counsel.

Julie was a wonderful asset and advocate in my divorce. She listened to me, heard my side of the issue, and provided excellent advice. 

Julie is a dedicated, intelligent family law attorney. I would not hesitate to refer a client to her.

Julie is an excellent and very ethical attorney. I really enjoy working with her and would recommend her to clients that I could not assist.

Barbara is amazing. She truly cares about her clients. I never would have made it through a difficult child custody without her!

She is an outstanding attorney in all respects.

With a lot of empathy and care, Barbara helped me navigate a difficult experience. Grateful to have had her along this journey.

Calm, deliberate, thorough, and entirely trustworthy.